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Gobble Up Some Savings!!

$10 off Oil Service
Free Antifreeze and Battery inspections
Free Rain x with any Lube Oil and Filter package
BOGO wiper blades on most vehicles
Antifreeze Flush as low as $129.95
Transmission Fluid service as low as $199.95

Don't be a Turkey, get in before November ends!

Offers valid until 11/30/2023


Especially on hot days, we’re extremely thankful for our vehicles’ air conditioning systems. With just one turn of a knob or a push of a button, cool air soon begins flowing from the vents to fill the cabin. Within minutes, an oppressively overheated interior should cool to a comfortable level.

One essential element of climate control systems is the refrigerant. R134a refrigerant is common, but many new vehicles are now switching to 1234yf refrigerant

We can service your newer vehicles AC service systems.
1234YF is the new refrigerant used in the newer vehicles starting in the 2015 model year .

Make an appointment today.


Pollen season ahead. The nice weather is finally here.
Its time to service your cabin filter , clean your heater/ac ventilation system, and have you air conditioning inspected.

Our technicians will remove and replace your cabin filter, clean your HVAC system vents with a anti bacterial / sanitizer treatment, inspect the performance of your air conditioning system .

Save up to 20% on these services just by mentioning this add.

Car Care Tow Pro Inc.

We are excited to announce Car Care Tow Pro Inc. as part of our Car Care Team - if you are in need of a Tow Truck and or Jump Start don't hesitate to give us a call at 541-996-8691 or also known as 541-996-TOW1, You can check out our website at for auto auctions and prices and see the selected vehicles that are coming up for auction.


Our ASE Certified technicians can inspect and advise on the recommended mileage
intervals for you timing belt replacement.
If you are unsure if your vehicle is equipped with a timing belt drive system stop by for a free inspection we also have mock up in the customer lobby as well as
virtual demos available if you are unfamiliar with this drive system


Due to the overwhelming amount of visitors since the start of the Covid pandemic, the Car Care Team has been working relentlessly to keep up with the mechanical breakdowns of traveling customers. To spend valuable time with our families as the Covid restrictions lift we have chosen to close on Saturdays on a permanent basis to recharge our own batteries
Thank you for your understanding

The Car Care Team

Car Care Tow Pro Inc Auto Auction ( Monthly )

Monthly auctions every 3rd Thursday of the month
Many vehicles to choose from
Scrap vehicles
Running vehicles
check out for auction dates and vehicles

Care Care Inc Reviews
Car Care Specialists Inc, Auto Repair & Service, Lincoln City, OR

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